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Cardiac Consultation

A Cardiac consultation is time spent with our Cardiologist to evaluate your cardiac health and to formulate a plan for management going forward. During the initial consultation, the cardiologist will perform a physical examination as well discuss your current health concerns, medical and family history.


In order to make an appointment, you need to have a letter of referral from your general practitioner or other treating specialist, which must be provided at the time of your appointment.

A questionnaire based upon your medical and family history will be sent to you upon the booking of your consultation appointment. Please bring the completed questionnaire and any previous test results with you to your appointment.

Consultation Duration

Allow approximately 60 to 90 minutes for your consultation.

Medicare Rebate Available

Yes, there is a Medicare rebate for a consultation.

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Locations where this test is available:

  • Greenslopes Private Hospital Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic

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